I have an old IBanez laying around and I figured I'd customize it. Now offcourse I have zero experience on this topic.

The guitar itself got a pretty crappy tremelo, I wanna get rid of that. now there are two options (I think). Putting a static bridge on or a floydrose (which seems to be quite expensive). But with a static bridge I asume I leave the body with quite a hole, Is there a way to fill it up? and if i decide to go for the floyd rose, should I make that hole bigger?

And What kind of element should I pick? I really want something clean, but with the ability of some stong distortion. I guess that doesn't really make sense, but I just want something that's sorta like "all-round".

And least, where should I buy parts? And what should I consider before respraying my body?

Thanks in advance!

These are the current specs:
And here's what the guitar looks like:
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Hi Tristan. Welcome to GB&C.

You can fill a tremolo rout with a block of wood cut to the right size, but if you're wanting to hardtail the guitar then you might be just as well to block the trem.
Replacing with a Floyd will probably require a bit of extra routing to recess it and give it a little room to manoeuvre. You can get LFR bridges in the full range of prices from £10 - £200. I put a £45 one in my last build and it seems to be holding up quite nicely so far. I don't use it a great deal though.

I'm not the guy for recommending pickups. Hopefully someone else will chip in on that score.

As for where to buy, it rather depends where you are based. Obviously, thanks to the internet you can buy from anywhere in the world as long as the shipping is acceptable. Being based in the UK, I tend to shop at AxeTec.co.uk, AxesRUs.com and occasionally CHGuitars.com and WarmanGuitars.co.uk but I've also bought guitar parts from China, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

Before respraying consider how much you like sanding. And waiting. There's a lot of both of those involved. The Painting/Refinishing Thread is a good place to start though.