Ok, my son and I are building a guitar and he wants it to look like a blue bass boat flake, you know, the really hiney royal blue with as much flake as possible. Anyway, I've only used true oil acoustics so this is new. Does any one know where I could get this in lacquer in a rattle can?

Well, here are the specs. It is a strat from GFS with the pro overwound texas pickups. I really don't like strats except for that blues bite so at least it will have a use on the SRV stuff. Yea, I think it would look better stained as well, but the kid wants it blue so that's what its gonna be.

I will be cutting the headstock to something close to the 60's fender and shaving the neck down to somewhere around a jackson soloist shape. I'd like the wizard shape, but I don't want to get too close to the rod.
Yea, that is what I was afraid of. I have done some airbrushing and painted a harley but I don't have any of that equipment any more. I may have to fake the effect somehow.