I've got a Jackson Dinky with a factory-installed sustainiac system, and a JB in the bridge. I've had this guitar a couple of years, the tone is great, but it seems no matter how I fettle the setup I can't get the same amount of pinch/tap harmonics jumping off the fretboard like I can with other guitars. Even my DIY partscaster squeals more!

Just curious if this is a problem common to sustainiac systems, maybe a trait of the JB pickup, or is there a knack to getting the setup right that i'm overlooking?
I always felt the JB was fairly easy to get artificial harmonics with(although I haven't played with one for years since I discovered I prefer the Custom).
I can get great artificial/tap harmonics with my Squier strat and it's regular single coils. Same goes for any guitar I'm playing on, even the steel string acoustic. It must be a matter of your playing or something else I don't know. I've played a DK2S and got the harmonics out. Should the battery or connection problem with sustainiac system affect your electric sound, I don't know.
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