Hello all!

I'm thinking about getting either a Peavey Bandit 112 or one of the Vypyr's. While I'm still trying to decide which to get (a separate topic), in doing some research I see a lot of people saying the new models of the amps are not as good the prior models (for both).

Anyone know why this is (if true), especially for the bandit models? I'm generalizing regarding the Vypyr's, as I know there multiple models...mainly speaking to the VIP's vs non-VIP's.

Seems odd a company would release a newer product that is inferior to the old...but happens I guess...

I love my old Bandit. It's from '86 (I think) and I'm pretty sure it'll outlast the human race it's built that well. The clean tone is pretty decent and the dirt channel is horrid, but it takes pedals like a champ.

I've never owned a Vypyr, but I've played the older ones (not the VIP ones) and for what they are, they're great. Versatile modellers that sounds pretty good which are geared to the heavier end of music.
My advice on modelers is that if you want a bunch of different sounds they are great for the variety they can reproduce. The trade off is that your ability to tweak the settings of each model reproduction is limited - I.e. the presence and resonance are NOT adjustable. If you are going to play a specific genre of music get an amp designed for that instead of a modeler. At least that was my experience with a Vypyr 30 and playing heavy/thrash metal. I think the 6505 setting on the Vypyr is horrible but love my 5150 (6505). Folks on here recommend the Vypyr Tube 60 the most if you go that route and look used!
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They're both crappy sounding amps but the new ones sound crappier. Vyper Tube is a much better choice than any Bandit. Look for a used one if you can't afford a new one.

It is not uncommon for companies to release inferior products as time goes on. Just look at the JCM800; the first ones (vertical inputs) were the best, then the bean counters got their way and the horizontals came out which were the victim of cost cutting and not nearly as good. Then the two channel 800's came out which are total crap.
I could go on. Fender Twins went downhill after the blackfaces and the new reissues of the blackfaces are rubbish compared to the originals too.
It happens all the time. Look at Fender strats, they went through a very dark period after Leo sold the company to CBS. Newer doesn't mean better and in many, many instances it means worse.
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Thanks all. I plan on using pedals (multi fx...just ordered G3x), don't plan on gigging but just playing at home. So I've heard multiple people say the bandit takes pedals well...is how I'm leaning.

Everything I see looks like the American made red-stripe model is best, though nobody really has anything "bad" to say about the new model (unless coming from someone who just doesn't like bandits at all...which obviously there are plenty)

Will also be looking for a used Vypyr 60 tube...problem is there aren't many (ie any) local to try out. Will keep eyes peeled though...not in a rush!