Not to be a jerk, but if you want people to review your music, you should probably make it a little more accessible than a 15 minute track. Break it down into smaller tracks/movements/sections/whatever, and people will be a lot more willing to listen to it. I know it's unfair to those of us who write really long tracks (I think my record was 11 minutes), but that's just kind of the way it works here.

I listened to the first six minutes of it, and it's pretty chill, but it's also pretty boring. You need to throw in some leads or melodies, or find some other way to make it more interesting. You have a good backing track here, but you need to throw in some more layers to make it something worth listening to. I like when it starts to get more intense around the five minute mark, but it didn't really go anywhere from there, at least as not as far as I listened (stopped at seven minutes).

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