I cant decide between buying an ibanez rgir20e or a sterling by musicman axis.

i generally play heavy metal, classic rock, and alternative rock.

which one would be a better instrument for my style of playing?
They would both suit perfectly well, it's probably going to be entirely down to preference with this.
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I'm going to say the most overused comment possibly ever: go to the store and try each. Really inspect the guitar itself and the sound. I spent 3 hours at GC trying different guitars, and that was on the second day of trying. Eventually I chose my Schecter that I have now. Just head over there, but be careful with what the people working there say. They may seem nice, but their ultimate goal is to sell. I think by the time I made my decision that everyone working there just wanted me to get out (that 100 watt marshall I used didn't help). That's another thing, don't be like me, use an amp that's similar to what you have, not that tempting 100 watt marshall. Anyway, good luck