Just some help full info i had a little practice at re crowning just the two frets, I have have tried to leave some ink on the top of the fres , What do you guys think? i have watched videos on re crowning but its still quite hard to get the hang of , Also the frets on the right side seem to look thicker not sure why

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You have to crown the parts on the right more. Naturally with the radius the edges need more. You have to get them completely even across the whole fret.

Your guitar work looks awesome!

Yes i think the problem is the fret on the right sides go thicker guess it was just like that form new but my crown tool is finding it hard on the right side because the fret is just a little thicker for the grove on my re crown tool and isn't sanding it like on the left side , so i might have to use the file which i didn't want to have to do .
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I use files just because of that reason. It is easier to control IMO

And put some tape on your fret-board for god's sake
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could you tell me if i should thin the right side out to the same thickness as the left side or should i just try and crown it with it having different thickness ? also I am actually going to use masking tape when i start the job but i was using a metal plate that has a slit in the middle to access the fret but it does move about a lot so i am going to use masking tape for the fret board .
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Does this look like its worth putting some new strings on? it was very hard to crown i got the frets level but the width of the frets seem to change from thin to thick but this is my first try at crowning what do you think ?

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I think you need to continue to crown them. The tops appear flat in the pictures. Also, even on the pictures in your ealier posts, I think even the left side needed to be done again. I go for a line that looks like it was drawn with a very fine pen.

Learning to do this is hard because it is not very exciting or fun. Just accept that you will need to spend a lot of time on it at first.
I am just wondering IF this can be achieved with a fret file i can't seem to get it to take anymore off using my file tilted one side on the fret board the other on the fret ,
Well i gave it another try at re crowning took a few hours and polished all the frets I think this was better Would this pass ? .