Does anyone have any good instructional DVD's to recommend?

I'm an advanced player and I'm looking for something that DOESN'T focus on speed. It seems that all "advanced" lessons revolve around shred techniques, and although I love shredding I'd like to try and expand my other skills as well.

Is there anything that focus's more on rhythm, tone, phrasing, hand positioning etc.?
As a huge fan of Marty Friedman, I would recomend his "Melodic Control", if you haven't already checked it!

I could also say that, if you are an advanced player, you shouldn't look for instructional DVD's but for something like Steve Vai's "philosophical speeches" :P or maybe Rick Graham's Q&A... Or you should try to find short YouTube videos that focus on how other musicians (not only guitarists) think... Or analyze music that you love (or you don't love).

I don't think there are DVD's that focus on these stuff, because these stuff don't sell... Speed sells, unfortunately...
Marty Friedman's Melodic Control
Paul Gilbert's Get Out of My Yard
John Petrucci's Rock Discipline
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Marty Friedman's Melodic Control
Paul Gilbert's Get Out of My Yard
John Petrucci's Rock Discipline

I second Rock Discipline. It was probably way out of my league when I discovered it, but the general exercises and warm-ups help a lot.

Danny Gills rock guitar is pretty barebones and basic as it only covers the major and minor pentatonic with a small lesson on dominant arpeggios. But it helped me visualise and hence be able to connect all shapes of the major and minor pentatonic scales along with dominant 7th arpeggios. This improved my phrasing A LOT.
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