newbie wiring specialist:

I have an old squire laying around, and I figured I'd use it as my stepping stone into modding guitars. I mainly am going to fool with the wiring. Just wanted to see what suggestions or ideas you guys had (seem to be a bright bunch).

I am getting some Texas Special PUs for cheap, so those are definitely going in.

Some sort of 7way switch/blender pot set up

I was also looking at Mid boosts to do, the Fender Clapton one sounded cool.
does anyone have experience with this?
I am a bit confused on its setup, it states it has a TBX pot and 2 CTS pots. Does the TBX stacked pot work as your boost control? and what are the other 2 pots for?
I was looking at a TBX for a master Tone pot, to run along with a midboost, but ^this^ realization has confused me.

any help is appreciated
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