i busted a nut, bought a new one, not sure if it's the right height or not, sanded it down some, but generally am happy with the action except the low string sound horrible. can somebody tell me why?

it's just that 6th fret, can't handle it. when i press on the 3rd fret, the string is so close to the 1st fret you can't really see the gap but it's not touching. the action is a little less than double the hight on the 22nd fret than it is on the first, but if i lower the bridge any more, can't play anything. neck is straight, and i mean straighter than my (insert arousal joke based on male genitalia).

what else is there?
I don't know if it will fix ur problem, but straight neck isn't what you want. You want a slight forward bow in the neck. I would try tightening your truss rod, one 1/2 turn at a time and see if it relieves the problem.
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if my guitar is laying on it's back, with the pickups facing upwards to the ceiling, does forward bow mean it's arching upwards to the ceiling, or does it mean bending downwards towards the floor?

because it was arching upwards towards the ceiling, i put it straight thinking it had warped.
You want it to bow inwards, so that the direct of the curve goes towards the floor in your scenario. Nothing to drastic, but a straight neck isn't recommended.
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got it to work - put a ... upwards, downwards, inner, outer, forwards, backwards bow in it (?), made it worse, so i raised the bridge. now it works great but the action is twice as high as it used to be, so i guess i have to sand the nut down. when i sand off a chunk, i'll then lower the bridge?

... and i'll probably sand too much, then have to start over again tomorrow. seems like quite the chore, sand it down, tighten strings up, adjust the bridge, test, over and over again. is this normal?

i had it setup in the philippines by a guy who put the string so close to the fretboard you didn't even have to look at it and it would play. i want it down there again. if it means i have to sand my nut completely off, goddamnit i'll do it.
I suggest you bring it to a luthier. What's happening here is that you are trying to duplicate the workmanship of your previous luthier. It may be too late, but you should have adjusted the nut and not anything else. It was only the nut that was changed so everything else should be left alone.
The best advice anyone gave me on this site was to just take it to a tech... I took mine to a tech and don't regret it.