Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of replacing the EMG 707 active pickups in my Schecter Jeff Loomis sig 7 string. I like passive pickups and have finally narrowed it down to getting a SD Sentient in the neck. I'm still undecided on my bridge pickup because I haven't been able to find a video where anybody tests the clean sounds of the pickups. The super distorted death metal sounds of the Nazgul, Pegasus, and Distortion are all really nice, but there's nothing to judge their clean sounds or less gainy tones from. Does anybody have any experience with these pickups? I'm leaning towards the Nazgul right now and thinking of sacrificing some of the cleans I want for the awesome sound it gets distorted, but the Pegasus is really cool too. I play a wide variety of music... I play in multiple bands and have to play everything from death metal to jazz to classic rock, but I'm unsure if these pickups are diverse enough for me.

For my setup:
Schecter Jeff Loomis signature 7 string
Peavey 3120 head
Blackstar HT50 Club head
Very small pedal board- tuner, wireless system, noise gate


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