Hey guys here is my last one. Tell me what you think, i really like the outro, though the transition to it may be quite weak, I don't know ...
This is the best song you've written up till now, excellent stuff. Luvin the cheez <3

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
This is phenomenal. The array of instruments you used was a really awesome decision.
the best way i can describe this is in 3 words: holy ****ing shit

like epi said, definitely your best work so far. my ONLY complaint is that the rhythm guitars were kinda just like background noise. the riffs were great, and shouldve had a little more attention drawn to them
Hoa I didn't think you guys would enjoy it that much

Well thanks a lot for the comments, and yeah, for the rythm guitar I see what you mean pawn, I'll work on it next time

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Luvin the cheez <3

good. because that rhythm riff at measure 90 ****ing killed me man, in a good way

btw, this is going in my folder of saved tabs. its a highly prestigious honor because i reserve it for only the best of the best in T&C

Edit: also, when you get the chance, would you mind giving me some input on my most recent work? its the "melodic djent" one
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Hey thanks

And indeed most of my compositions sound like games soundtrack ... even if it is not intended at all