So i have an Ibanez Ibanez GRX20. Now i know that this is a basic guitar but after putting in epiphone pickups given to me, the resonance of the guitar is phenomenal ! and i want to turn it into a project.

I love prs guitars and the current one i have is the PRS SE 25th Anniversary Custom 24 Electric Guitar. I love it, i put locking tuners and i can wham and on occasion dive bomb on the tremolo and it stays in tune
My guitar

On my Ibanez Ibanez GRX20 the neck became warped beyond repair so i would like to replace it. But i wouldn't mind finding a better quality neck. Any suggestions?
i would also like to replace the trem to the same bridge i have on my prs. Is this possible?

im also thinking of putting LSR Roller Nut on the new neck. Would you recommend this?

So here are the questions in order
1)New neck for my ibanez Ibanez GRX20. Any suggestions??
2) Can i and should i put a LSR Roller Nut on the neck?
3)Can i pop in a PRS Trem like in the PRS SE 25th Anniversary Custom 24 Electric Guitar? would there be any complications? Both have a drop in style trem. The prs floats a bit but the ibanez just can whammy down unless if you play with the trem a bit to make it float a little.

Any help and knowledge about this will be much appreciated.

My main worry is , will the prs bridge line up correctly without any problems to the scale length and the space between the strings.
Ibanez bridge : FAT6 tremolo
Prs bridge : PRS SE Tremolo Bridge
Thank you ! =]
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These guys will have any neck you need: http://www.edroman.com/parts/necksforsale.htm

You need to ship them the body though. I think if you tell them you want a really good neck they can help you out.

Otherwise you could always go with a custom Warmoth and have them do you neck pocket specs. That way you could do the roller nut as well if you wanted it. But it will cost BIG $$$ for Warmoth. (And I'm not entirely sure they can do Ibby specs)

Ebay and Craigslist are always your friends too. Just look for the same model and rip the neck off. Always good to have spare parts as well.

I honestly can't help you on the trem though. I play all fixed bridge :P Best guess I can make is measure the saddle distances on the old bridge vs the PRS one and if it's the same or similar enough you can find a luthier to do the routing and install.
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