I have only been on the guitar for 5 months so I basically know nothing. I found a version of American Pie I like except I can't seem to get one part. One verse uses the ol' DDUUDU strumming but now it has two chords instead of one over the measure. I cannot for the life of me make DDU, chord change, UDU flow. Any tips out there? Maybe one or both middle ups are open strings?
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You can't do it because you're still a newb. Keep practising, make sure you're doing it right and slowly and it'll come to you in time.
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This may not seem particularly helpful, but it is simply a matter of practice. Don't get to caught up in perfecting it at this point. If you have to strum over open strings to keep the flow of the song, it's not a big deal. As you keep practicing your muscle memory will improve and eventually the transition will be seamless.