This is the first song off our EP titled "Path of Destruction". We recorded and mixed everything ourselves.

We're a mix of Thrash and Metalcore, but this was never really intended be either. It's a good time metal song that my drummer wrote about his relationship with his older brother. They're best buds. You could say...........that they're More Than Blood

I really crack myself up sometimes

I do full C4C's regardless of the genre. If you give me an extremely detailed review, I will do so as well. If you give me a 5 word review, you can expect the same

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Hope you enjoy! 2 more songs to come
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Thank You, sir

EDIT: I've also added lyrics now in case anyone's curious
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! This is so sick! The vocals are more pantera esque than i heard in the live recordings, which imo is great, pantera is still my favorite band. This could easily be a pantera song. The riffs are sick, this might be one of the coolest things ive ever heard. I have no clue how you ever found a band that kickass, but keep it up dude!If you guys release more, feel free to pm me on here. I enjoyed listening to this.
Nice sound, the song has much atack and is strong. Maybe the Eq Guitars is too low but it´s nice!!
Field of Terror:
Vocals are spotless, in my opinion! Good variation on highs, low and minds. Really good for a self produced track too. If the guitars were panned hard left and right, the overall sound would be even more clearer and heavier. A couple of the riffs were a bit to straight up metal for my liking, but overall the song is really well put together. Reminds me a lot of the first self titled KsE album (one before Alive or Just Breathing) and earlier 2005/2006 metalcore. Digging it!
Much appreciated to see some true critique. Though I find it strange that you couldn't just edit your post via copy + paste and switch reviews for each thread
This song is very good as well, I liked this one. Riffs are awesome again, vocals sound damn awesome. Drums are all around good. Not much wrong with this one either. About the only think I could suggest is the panning and blaa blaa blaa you've heard it before. Sweet song for sure though, I dig it
I wish there were more metalcore bands like this, the genre wouldn't be so bashed then! Vocals are just great, the highs and some of the lows resemble Phil Anselmo to me.
Guitar riffs are very brutal, the natural harmonics give a nasty feel and I really like it (I guess you are the guitar player right?)
Drums are fast and heavy, they totally suit the riffs. Very good song overall, man.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1638709
Thank you so much for the feedback, guys. Jason (the singer/producer) will be very happy when he hears that he's getting nothing but good things said about his vocals.

As a band, we've been working really hard on these EP tracks, with one more still to come. The third song, Raid, is a pure mix of Thrash and Hardcore. It's a bit more on the brutal side, and not as melodic. Hope y'all like is as well

Btw, we have 12 total songs right now, with maybe 1 or 2 getting cut. Maybe we'll have a full record by the end of the year
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This is some awesome stuff, dude! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, the family and I have been moving into a new house for the past forever it feels like, hah. Anyways, I really wish I could do some amazing vocals like this. Very brutal and works so well with the music. Everything sounds mixed very well and its pretty spotless for a self produced track. Keep rocking out, dude and thanks for the Crit!
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I'll keep that in mind. Your stuff sounds really good mixing-wise, and our singer admits that it's very time consuming for him in his spare time. We kinda wanted to go for a slightly raw sound too, but to each their own
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