"Duality of the Snake" is pretty awesome man. You have a lot of interesting note choices going on and I love the synth leads. Nicely done. The overall mix was good as per usual .
I really like the vibe of "Duality of the Snake". The music is rocking. The whole thing has a very 80's feel. The vocals a bit too odd for me though, thats just a personal preference thing though.

"After Today" is really cool too, very cool solo on this one. Here is my new stuff

Thx for viewing my song More Than Blood.

Duality of the snake:
Instrumental-wise, it's all very well done, I really enjoy the strobing effect about halfway through. Drums are crisp too. Vocals were a little odd for my liking , but other than that, can't find any complaints on a genre that's not my forte. Solid as always AA

Over 180 songs now???? Christ on a stick! I've only got 12-15, lol.
These songs really remind me of 80's movies - It's the old skool feel of the synths I think.
I'm gonna crit the ones with the coolest names I think

Listening to "Good Love Reaction"
I like the vocals, they have a lot of character. Maybe consider some harmonies, you can never go wrong with a sick harmony.
The guitar solo has good tone but maybe should be a little bit louder and wider in the mix?
The drums should be a bit louder too, but the beat is cool.
Maybe make the end a bit more solid? But overall its very enjoyable.

Slice through the chaos has an awesome intro, sweet bass riff.
It's pretty hard to hear the lyrics, but the vocals sound trippy which is great.
It would have been cool to hear it drop back in again after the fade out bit - it thought it was just going to be a bridge into a drop. But again cool synths, I like how you keep it 80s which allows you to get away with the simple but effective synth sounds. Maybe layer some 80s guitar over it too? lots delay and stuff.

After today is a good head banger, maybe the vox were a bit too weird for the style of music but you've got your own consistent vocal sound which is cool

nice man!
Duality of The Snake (as I listen): Interesting phasing or filter or whatever that is. The synth over it's good too, and so is the guitar (or guitar-like synth). The vocals are pretty creepy, so if that's what you're going for.... good job, I guess.

I like the guitar tone for the part at 1:20. I think it would be better with a deeper bass part. The guitar interlude's pretty cool. I like the synth after it as well. I think that part could be better if you have the lead guitar continue playing as well.

The synth after the chorus is awesome.

Overall, I like your synths and guitars. I'm not really a fan of your bass tone, but it works. I don't like the vocals that much either, but I think that's just a genre difference thing, I don't really listen to "Goth Rock", as I think you tagged it.

C4C? Links are in my signature.
Sounds good man. The vocals got better on the chorus. Maybe lower the level of Delay, as it at times felt like it threw the song off. I think your "master" area is the synth. The synth solo really sounded good man. Really tight and the break down after fitted perfect. You obviously have a good ear for song structure. 80's electro / space rock (even that's even a genre) it definitely your style. Kinda like a more rock-ier and dark version of Miami Nights 1984.

Thanks for the review!
I think I've heard a good chunk of your stuff already! I recognized your sound right away which is a good sign cause you've got a distinct original sound. I kind of get a ween vibe from these which is a good thing in my opinion. Your synth work is killer! Keep it up man!
I am back to review your 2nd song "After Today" since I just released my 2nd song "Field of Terror" in another thread.

I actually really liked this one Most of your song are a little out of my taste, but this song has a really great feel too it, all the way till the last note. The guitars sound great and just a really friendly, inviting hook. That and the drums during the intro made me think of Def Leppard. The solo came through nice and clear as well. The vocals style once again weren't what I pictured they be, but they're still have a pretty charming way about them. Great stuff. Probably one of my favorite songs that I've heard from you.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1638155
Duality of the Snake;

Evil intro nice!!
Very interesting vocal effect, do this consist of delay and some reverse effect?
Two nice sections after that first verse, great!

How do you come up with some many songs? I mean lyric wise and stuff...I have written 5 so far and every time it's hard work.
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! For the verse vocals (except as noted), and all vocals for the chorus, I had Korg D3200 hard disc recorder effects (except the reverb was effect #1 and delay was effect #2). I probably had more dbx 163x compressor effect than usual (mic>dbx>D3200) on the verse vocals. Then I took the verse vocal (with no Korg effects whatsoever), recorded that in Cubase, did Melodyne pitch correction (which helped) on that. When that Melodyne verse vocal track (which I didn’t add any compressor, delay, reverb, or anything else) was added to the Korg effects vocal track (with no pitch correction), it sounded a lot more full. It sounds like there is a reverse effect, but according to my notes, none was used. Parts of song recording can be a bit tedious, with all of the trial & error, trying to make it sound better until you get tired of hearing the song a million times, but otherwise it is mostly a labor of love. I have made multi-track song recordings since 1984, so I have lots of practice & lots of songs.
Duality of the Snake, Whoa this song sure starts off with some interesting vibes. That intro is pretty good, not sure about though vocals though. The vocals tend to really blow my mind. I don't know maybe that is the effect you were going for. For some reason I really dig the feel of the song though. It's got something to it that I really enjoy, 2:04 is pretty awesome for sure though. Cool stuff, I look forward to hearing more from you
Cool man thanks for the share, got a real rocky horror picture show almost vibe from it. there are definately parts that grab my interest.
Well well.
The Icelandic guy is here to comment : )
I Really like your music. Very much creative, i hear you are getting just better and better.
You have to keep going on and do your thing and not stop.

Love from Iceland.
JDawg00100, inzym, and mattjamesrenn,
Thank you for your comments! You can download any of my 180+ songs for free! If you click on the link at the top of this thread, towards the top of my music website, in blue letters, it says 'music page'. If you click on that, or this link (they go to the same place):


you can gain access to 8 pages of my tunes. Click on the small circle with the darker triangle that points to the right to play the higher fidelity sound (the lighter triangle pointing to the right is lo-fidelity, and it sounds terrible in my opinion). If you decide you want to download a particular song, click on the small circle with the dark triangle that points down. Have fun!
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checked out 2 of your songs. Not my style but it is listenable. Reminds me of the cure! The synths give make me imagine futuristic stuff in a retro way. The vocals arent my favorite but thats just because im not a big fan of gothic stuff. Overall, not bad dude!
This is some real cool, goth/eccentric retro styled stuff! Real oddball, this would be more my mum's cup of tea than my own. (I don't mean that as an insult) But considering I do have a working knowledge of this genre, I can say you're doing really well and have an insane amount of material. I'm not even sure why you're asking for our opinions! Well done dude.
On the first song you sound kinda like Roger Waters effected voice! I like that. This is not really my cup of coffe, but I can hear that you've found your style, and you're good at this kind of music, so kudos to you!
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Thanks for the crit man, here's yours;

Very synth based as I always expect, sounds old school but I dig it enough.

Lead guitar line is a cool hook - not sure about the vocals and how they're sitting in the mix. If you bring them down a bit and take some low end off of them they'd probably fit better.

Liking the synth solo, sounds so angsty haha.

Neat track man.
The second song has a "Violent Femmes" feel to it in a way. Not that it sounds that much like them but the vibe of it reminds me of them. It's cool man, you are good at what you do. Good mix. I hope you are playing in a band, I think this kind of stuff can really shine live.
I swear you are the only other person than myself who uses soundclick. We've critiqued each others stuff many times before. I am always interested to hear the next oddball sound you come up with and you have inspired me to be more experimental in my music. Good hearing the new stuff bud!
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Listened to Duality of the Snake. It's a good song, composition is very well done. I guess i'm not a big fan of the vocals, but they fit nicely. The synths and guitars are great and pretty inspiring for me, you've got an oldschool sound going, I like it
Sorry for my late listening, but I listened to Duality of the Snake. Definitely got that indie vibe to it, the music actually reminds me of Scott Pilgrim. However, that being said I think it is too synth-y. I generally don't listen to that style of music, so I can't really comment on it as a fan. The synth was really overpowering to my taste, but that's probably because I generally don't care much for synths, especially old school synth sounds.
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duality - drum intro sounded like Living after Midnight by Judas Priest but has merged into a syn-thy Paradise Lost melody - I dont like initial the vocals though - they fit the song but are a bit too spacey for my tastes

the songwriting is good though - im hearing different styles in the track which is keeping it interesting - the synths are superb