Quick question. I have a Saffire Pro 40 and currently have 4 mics. What I'm wondering is that if I wanted to dedicate three mics connections for lead guitar, and say, the same 3 mics on different interface connections for rythem guitar, in order to not make any changes in my DAW, can I move the mics to different Pro 40 cables while the unit is still powered on without causing any damage to the mics or Pro 40?

What I'm thinking is having 8 XLR cables, one to each connection on the Pro 40. Map those inputs to a channel in the DAW and not have to change the DAW settings. Then, when I want to change from Lead to Rythem guitar, just move the mics to the previously assigned cable.

I know I will need to become a little more adapt with Studio One v2, but with the couple of tries, I changed the inputs and it ended up messing with my ability to monitor while recording and or mixing the captures.

sorry if this is too long - I just wanted to try to make my question clear, and I realize that I'm probably overthinking this. Thanks in advance for your assistance and knowledge.
shouldn't do any damage just plugging them in and unplugging them, all I'd be weary of if the pop sound you'll get if you've got phantom power switched on, I'm sure even that doesn't do any harm but I hate that sound coming through my speakers, just disarm the tracks in your DAW before you do it and you should be fine.

My lecturer at uni used to say every time you get a popping noise from unplugging a mic or switching off a speaker, a fairy dies!
It doesn't do any harm in any case, though as stated, beware of the annoying pops.
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