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The sub 20, 2005: 'backbone' of PékermanSeis of the eleven starters in the win 4 0 of Colombia against the champion of America, Uruguay, had already played together. They did it in the U 20 won the South American 2005 and reached the second round of the world junior from Holland.

The nationalist leader bluntly rejected the sanction of the Disciplinary Committee.. Disagree completely with the determination of the Commission For me there is a chase for National get bored and go championship Measures taken me stop to think that they not want to Nike Elite steelers jerseys participate more in the tournament because I would be four games behind closed doors that we would increase the liability by 800, 1 trillion, he told Radio Munera Eastman.

In this way, the cast of Parque Patricios snapped a three falls in a row and won the second victory in the event, to add 7 units and take off the bottom of the table and averages drop. Instead, the drill, which had won three straight and has yet to encounter the first date to Gimnasia Jujuy (to be played on October 24) were reduced to ten points and moves away from the top.