So I ive got this sweet strat, for the most part there is very little buzzing i have about a 2-3mm action, i have a kind of hard pick attack and I dont mind a little extra action.

one problem ive noted though is that on a few specific notes the sustain seems to be really awful and dies super fast especially when I add Vibrato to the note. So far I have only noticed this on about 2 spots. I play the note but I cannot hear any fret buzz as the cause. Could this be because of a poorly crowned fret?

If the crown is too wide will that hurt or help the sustain?
similarly will a crown too thin hurt or help sustain?
A too-wide crown won't help your sustain. In fact, if your string isn't hitting just one spot on the fret (if your frets are sort of flat on the top), you may have problems with sustain. If you're adding vibrato, and doing it from side to side, make sure that your frets are extremely polished and well-crowned. If you have fretwear or scratchy frets (corrosion?), you're going to lose sustain doing vibrato/bends across those bumps.

You should check, on those specific notes, that you don't have a slightly high fret downstream (toward the pickups).

And one thing that I've found made a difference in sustain is that I had my frets superglued.
http://www.stewmac.com/tsarchive/ts0043.html (note: especially read the part about tapping the frets before and after the superglue process; a single dead fret will give you the results you've been talking about).
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does the neck have any relief?
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