I see no real problems other than the headband on your neck! You shouldn't need it. I'm not sure if you always play with it, or regularly play with it. I recommend you never practice with it though as it can only promote bad habbits. Just learn to mute properly.

I can see you developing some nice skills though. Just keep it up, learn more solos and learn more licks.
1) Great job - improvising is not easy and it's great that your working on it.

2) lose the headband ( as mentioned) so that you practice muting unwanted strings with your hands. This is a really important skill. The only time you should be using a headband etc. is if you are doing complex tapping like Guthrie Govan ( he uses one for that purpose).

3) work on your bends and vibrato. This really takes years of practice to master, but I would spend some time on that. A good place to work on that is blues - check out Albert King. His solos are nearly all bends with very few fast passages. If you can play an Albert King solo well, all the rock bends will be easy in comparison. The important thing to focus on is to make sure you hit the pitch.
vibrato while bending is crazy man.. i cannot do it well. do u guys have any tips to train that?
There's many different ways to do it. If your hand is big enough, you can wrap your thumb around the fretboard like Stevie Ray Vaughan ( watch his live at the El Mocambo video - no one has his strenght - he was the master) or Hendrix ( watch any videos of them and you'll see how the rotate the wrist and grip the neck) . Otherwise, you can do it with a more classical grip ( see Vinnie moore, his thumb never really wraps around the fretboard).

It's a difficult technique that will take a long time to develop. Just spend a lot of time on it. start with slow exaggerated vibrato's - a common problem of people starting out is that the vibrato is too fast. Pay close attention to the timing of the up and down motion so that it's on beat.