Hey guys!

here's a solo that I've learned a a long time ago but I just decided to record it! I've added a little improvisation instead of the final chorus! Tell me what you think!

C4C of course!

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It's a tad sloppy, the tapping not so much but you sort of over use it in places where it should be one handed legato with some picked notes. You also lose time a bit in some places and miss the pinch harmonic. Practice those parts slower and more accurately and you'll be playing it perfect in no time! Overall though, I'd say pretty good man! Keep it up!
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sounds just fine to me. right on
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Wonderful cover! As I Lay Dying is one of my favourite metalcore bands. The Sound of Truth is one of the most difficult track that I've came accros through my entire life, so the props goes to you.
You have definitely learned and amazingly performed the track. The only thing that you could work on is vibrato becase it seems to me that there should be a little bit more depth. Apart from that, the cover is just lovely. Thumbs up
I remember playing this with my band some time ago, and I think the first part is just hammer-ons and pull-offs, not tapping. The last part indeed is tapped. The sound quality is really good and you have clean playing, the tapping at the start is my only complain.

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Man some people in this place make me feel so inferior sometimes with their technique and what not. I'll say what I have said to the last couple of folks I've reviewed. ATTITUDE is key. What you're doing there my friend even though you've got the right notes, its missing some scorch, its missing some sass, some soul if I may add. Oh! and the last note in the solo needs a vibrato

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