So I've recently learned how to set up guitars. Love doing it myself. I aced a few years of college level physics, so (at one point) I understood electricity, resistors, capacitors and all that. I'd need to brush up , but beyond that, what should I focus on, what should I read, to learn about amp modding/building?
Look at this amp building Clinique run by Bruce Egnater www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AmpClass2/

The class is full right now, but they do them a few times a year and the cost is $2500ish for doing the class and you build your own amp to take home. It is typically a Plexi/800 build
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Definitly look at ax84.com, lots of good information.
Just start with going through the P1 theory document there, that will explain you the basics and illustrate it by their ax84 amp.