Hey Guys,

before i start...

amp(s) in question: Bugera333xl, Orange Tiny Terror

Cab being used: matching cab for Randall RX120

Guitar: Ibanezrg7321, Ibanez Rg with inf pickups, Squier Fat Strat (from about 2005)

I noticed at band practice the other night that I couldnt get any usable sounds out of my 333xl.

Every tone i tried to dial in sounded like it was underwater with a pillow smothering it. I went as extreme as to turn the bass and mids to about 3 and put the highs to the max.

I tried all my guitars/pickup combinations but nothing helped.

The Amp was getting loud. It just sounded like shit... so i switched over to my tiny terror.

same thing.

Tone knob all the way to the right.. middy mud... just not as bad.

Could it be the cab? or do i need to retube my amps?
Have you changed tubes in a while?
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Not really. I changed one of the preamp tubes in the 333xl 6 or so months ago andthats it. Ive had the 333xl for about 3 years and have played it quite regularly at both low and fairly hugh volumes. Thetiny terror was purchaced last summer used. The previous owner played in a loud punk band.

Basically all stock tubes.these aremy first tube amps
Time for new tubes. Muddy tone is a pretty good indicator that it's time to replace 'em.
It was sortof creeping up on me but i ignored it and assumed it was dead strings and or bad eqing. Last night i just couldnt ignore it anymore.