It can be about a job (like being a waiter), or a hobby. Anything!

I used to wonder why people had to hire tax consultants to do their tax filing. I mean, it's not hard to just multiply your income by a certain percentage and pay that to the government, right? Then I studied taxation in my tertiary institution. Got an A for that, but that's one of the modules I found the most difficult because it's so easy to miss out stuff and get yourself killed.

Skating. Specifically with a skateboard. It doesn't feel hard until you plant your leg on the board. Then it feels like your whole body doesn't want to move.

Kickbeat. I'm usually good at rhythm games (pick up very fast, but quickly plateau at an above-average level), so I thought this would be a breeze. I still have no idea why it's so hard.

Piano. Again, I'm usually good at rhythm games, but unlike what I thought, there is almost 0% overlap in the skill between piano and rhythm games. Maybe finger dexterity, but that's it. Everything ends up being a muscle memory game.

I mean you just stick your dick in the hole and go in and out until you cum right?

Alas, it is not that simple my friend.
Boxing. Everything I have ever seen and watched has given me the sense that it's all about who's stronger and can land a blow to the head first, and is basically just two guys punching each other. I've been learning how to box recently(For health and fun, I don't have the mean streak in me to punch someone in an actual fight, even if they're okay with it happening), and there's a ton of strategy I never even thought about. It's a lot more mental than I ever thought, and it's baffling that professional boxers are able to keep it all straight, considering the kind of brain damage they take during the course of a single fight.

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I know right, it's a nightmare getting the sphincter to relax.

I find that it helps to tickle the anus a bit beforehand. You can do this with your finger, or with your tongue if you prefer. Hell, you could even do it with the tip of your penis if you so choose.