Season starts today! (1st practice)

Opening race Sunday (Qatar)

2013 rookie Marc Marquez took the title last season on the Honda.

Dani Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo (the are the other favourites), will be hoping to outperform him. Lots of other riders could surprise!

Dates Event
Mar 23 Qatar MotoGP
Apr 13 Americas MotoGP
Apr 27 Argentina MotoGP
May 04 Spain MotoGP
May 18 France MotoGP
Jun 01 Italy MotoGP
Jun 15 Catalunya MotoGP
Jun 28 Dutch MotoGP
Jul 13 German MotoGP
Aug 10 Indianapolis MotoGP
Aug 17 Czech MotoGP
Aug 31 British MotoGP
Sep 14 San Marino MotoGP
Sep 28 Aragon MotoGP
Oct 12 Japanese MotoGP
Oct 19 Australian MotoGP
Oct 26 Malaysian MotoGP
Nov 09 Valencia MotoGP

Current Champ, the young rookie Marc Marquez (Spain)

Rossi,(Italy) 7x MotoGP World champ and his new M1, could be a good season for him based on testing times.

Hopefully I'm not the only one posting in here all season!
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^ He was pretty good, not sure if he ever was on the podium though. He was usually in the top 10, I think it was 2009 he was in MotoGP
Hes embarking on a career as a musician now. My band are supporting him at his album launch.

I'd never heard of him before but everyone Ive spoke to has!
I will for sure. He has a lot of fans and is pretty well known internationally from his racing exposure. Should be a great thing for your band!
Practice means nothing but the open bikes are impressive. Bummed they aren't coming to Laguna Seca this year.
I haven't watched MotoGP in yeaarss, does the Doctor still race after all these years??

EDIT- nvm read first post lol
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