I've started singing alone instead of with guitar like I used to.
Back then guitaring always came first to me, but I'd like to prioritise both equally as separate instruments.

I want to sing in Post hardcore bands now, and sing in a higher range than the old rock bands I used to be with.

This is a band I was with last year that sadly split, this was my audition track.

This was me bored today, got sick of doing uni work and made some Jazz Acoustic thing

This is something for uni.

Any advice is appreciated cheers!
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it reminds me of alesana post from hardcore, from your demo. It's a little nasally, and it sounds like you do it in a way that limits how much power you release. I'd stop focusing on singing high, I feel its limiting you. Post hardcore is changing, there is now two parts of it. Really low melody driven stuff like secrets or new a skylit drive where they rarely are above an A or B, and the really high tenor stuff like Sleeping with sirens or Myka relocate.
Yeah I discovered I was singing wrong a few months back, working on the nasal resonance a lot now, it's cleared a lot my throat muscles didn't open properly? (giggity.)

The vocal range isn't really an issue for me, in fact doing lower is uncomfortable, I'm working on an acoustic album for an assignment and it's bamboozling me with it's low keys.
Thanks for you comments and for listening I really appreciate it, I understand the latter of what you're saying too, the range doesn't concern me as much at the moment until my timbre and delivery improves. I've booked lessons today however so I should start improving soon!