Hello! I had just introduced myself in the presentations forum!

Im from Spain and my main tastes are vintage strats and roaring plexis!

Anyway, it finally arrived this precious guitar... I bought it including shipping for 470 euro, in Spain, buying in ebay from japan for example can raise the price for 200-300 euro... Its crazy!






When i first saw it, it was AWESOME! The neck is lovely, the body, thought to be an olympic white, is now some sort of vintage white near yellow (its a shame that this cant be appreciated enough in photos, the pickguard and body are in fact pretty much yellow, not white as it seems in the photos)

The headstock... THAT headstock, perfect! gorgeous! That bold inscription, GRECO SUPER SOUNDS, wooow! This is in fact a pretty cool CBS copy, it even has the truss rod access behind the pickguard!

oh, when i plugged it i couldnt believe it... some magic made my amp (roland) transform into a old tubey vintage tweed-plexi, whatever the hell played SRV!
my main music is based on Hendrix and this thing just nails it, it had such and aggressive character, WOW, i always thought pickups were more or less the same, but definetely NOT, this thing will sound good in ANY amp, but my cheap guitars not so so, if you play good they sound good, but this guitar has that raw SRV sound,,, i think its easy for you to imagine!
actually it has that famous hyped EXCEL pickups, and yeah, NO BS here, they are actually excellent.

By the way, this guitar, if you dont know this models, is a japanese vintage copy of the 60-70s fender strats, made in Matsumoku in 1977, this guitar has nearly 40 years! It weights A LOT, much more than any strat i had played...

I really want to know your opinions! And I hope we can carry good together! sorry about my english, and yeah, im waiting for a plexi 2061 to arrive, a clone, if anyone is interested i would show you that too!

Regards and thank you for reading me!
Quote by Althier
my main tastes are vintage strats and roaring plexis!

I like you.

Awesome Strat! There's a cool trick to get your pickup covers to look vintage, too. If you're interested in doing that, that is.
Grecos are a solid choice! HNGD! Enjoy the hell out of it! It should sound great through your Plexi clone!
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Thank you Ippon! Its much better in person! Its awesome... Super vintage look, the laquer of the headstock is the most beautiful i ve ever saw... And thanks for displaying my photos!

Hi justrooster, yeah thanks i wanna know that! Its weird how the knobs are brown but the pickup covers are so so white, i wanna dye them! Will you suggest me coffee? Hmmm i wanna know! You have my attention

And yeah the guitar is amazing, its like owning a cbs strat! If you find one, i seriously reccomend them, i saw some models as low as 230 pounds from japan in ebay, dont know what the final price would be, but this guitars are worth it!
Quote by Althier

Hi justrooster, yeah thanks i wanna know that! Its weird how the knobs are brown but the pickup covers are so so white, i wanna dye them! Will you suggest me coffee? Hmmm i wanna know! You have my attention

The Coffee Trick works wonders, this is the lastest Strat project I did that too.

Brew up coffee, then take two or three teaspoons of the used grounds and put it in there, too. Drop your pickups covers in. It only takes about 8 hours to soak.
Congrats, matsumoko really made some great guitars.

Looking forward to you NAD post we don't see enough plexi amps here.
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looks awesome.

i have a 77 matsumoku strat too. it's an aria though with a 4 piece butcherblock alder body.
I think it looks sweet the way it is, like it has a certain mojo that i'd leave untouched
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The PG, knobs, position dots (and probably the nut), and switch tip need the same treatment.

The knobs and switch tip are plastic, they won't stain
Wow! Then whats the material of the pickup covers? Isnt it plastic too?

This forum gives me goosebumps!