Hey, Im playing since last 8 months or so and did progress pretty well and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

Currently I'm working on some blues licks something Gary Moore'ish. To be more exact, I'm trying to play the parisienne walkways, which I found quite helpful for getting my bends better. Bending to the correct pitch and trying a little Eric Clapton vibrato on bent pitch. I'm enjoying it.

I found that the most difficult part for me is that playing the licks. I'm aware that I wont be able to play it with my experience or technique and thats why I'm here! Can you suggest me any exercises or guides to follow to get better at hammer on and pull offs, especially at strechs where I have to use my pinkie. I can get quite fast at a no strech 4 finger situation (something like Plug in Baby riff) but cant deal when there is tons of pull offs involving pinkie.

Any suggestions? Methods beside metronome?
Practicing without a metronome is the same as practicing with a metronome, with the exception that you're just guessing at the tempo and hoping it's right instead of actually knowing the tempo and being able to lock into it and make sure you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing, when you're supposed to be doing. It's really just there to make your practice less sloppy.

There's no trick exercises or anything. Just pick something you can't do and play it slowly enough that you don't make mistakes. That teaches your muscle the proper way to move, and eventually you become comfortable with it, at which point you can try going slightly faster. Of course, there are some things which are going to be way beyond you and you're just going to end up hitting a plateau, so if you think you aren't improving after a few weeks of practicing something, try going to something more simple and really perfecting it. For hammers and pull offs just pick a fret, then pick the distance in frets you want to practice (ie. 5th to 8th fret with your index and pinkie fingers, switch around distances and combinations of fingers), make sure you have the motion smooth and fluid, no stiff muscles (never force any technique to work, slow down until you're comfortable). Just do it over and over, making sure you don't get sloppy and you really pay attention and think about what you're doing. Don't zone out and flop your fingers around. Even once you get the technique right, your muscles will have to get up to speed, be patient and keep practicing. If your hand gets sore or tired give it a break. I usually practice legato specifically for about half an hour, you could do more or less, but that's just a reference.

Key words if you haven't noticed are 'slow', and 'patient'.
ok, instead of playing with a metronome, play along with a drum machine really slow. when you master it at that speed, play it along to the drum machine a couple clicks faster. repeat.
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One thing to do that is going to benefit the most is to do legato style of playing. This means practise the lefthand hammerons and pulloffs instead of picking them much with your righthand.

Take the A minor pentatonic scale. Start at the 6 string and go hammer on 5 -8 and pull off 8 to 5. Then the same for the 5 string. Then follow the scale you would go 5-7 for the hammeron and 7-5 for the pull off for string 4-3-2 and string 1 is 5-8.

Practise that to a metronome and get into the habits of doing legato work until its firmly planted in your left hand as a habit.

Also look for other legato ex to practise.