Obviously, when going in for an interview, you want to be in peak performance mode. I'm almost never in peak performance mode. It probably has to do with my being a lazy ass.

So what do you do leading up to an interview to ensure that you're as ready as can possibly be (physically and mentally)?

Do you eat special foods, do you read books, do you go to sleep super early, do you take a freezing cold shower the morning of, etc.?

note: this is for jobs with serious interviews, not like an interview for shift supervisor at McD's.
I do interviews at other places.
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Chill out.

Seriously, just relax and take it easy. You go in there all tense and jacked up then you'll over think. You want to be calm and cool, so you don't give rushed answers. Appear to be confident (note: nervous and sweaty generally doesn't ooze confidence. But calm and cool does).
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really? i need some tips
Relax. Don't prepare answers because you don't want to come across as rehearsed and unnatural. But do think about some questions you may be asked. Be confident and make eye contact. Research the company before the interview so you know what the **** you're talking about in the interview.
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Relax. Don't prepare answers because you don't want to come across as rehearsed and unnatural. But do think about some questions you may be asked. Be confident and make eye contact. Research the company before the interview so you know what the **** you're talking about in the interview.

All this and make sure you ask questions yourself. Personally i like it a lot when someone i'm interviewing asks me questions. Show's me that they're actually interested in the job i'm offering and that this isn't just a waste of time.
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Prepare some answers for questions that may be asked. Run through that a bit and just chill. I've held some interviews before (interviewing others), and things that people **** themselves over on is getting too nervous during the thing -- they just want to see what sort of person you are.

Being able to express yourselves without being nervous is pretty important precisely because they can't have you fumbling about when talking to clients
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those are great tips for sure, but i've already done them.

i mean, what do you do the day before or morning of so that you'll be as alert and functional as you can possibly be? do you go for a run and eat a big breakfast? do you fast and drink a ****ton of coffee?

kinda like the equivalent of asking an athlete what he does before a game to get ready, other than watching film
For the few "serious" jobs I've had, I always made sure I had a clean suit/tie/shoes ready to go the day before an interview (I actually got hired because the guy liked how I was dressed compared to everyone else he was interviewing.) Also went over answers to questions they were most likely to ask, and memorized every single thing I put on my resume. I guess it worked out pretty well cause I got hired for jobs that I had zero/little experiance in.
coffee is good but bare in mind it gives you jitters and you gotta pee all the time

drink enough to make you bubbly
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I research the company, what their mission statement is, how I fit in with their vision, what I've done in the past that can translate into being an asset to the company. You also want to think of good questions to ask them, because they will ask "anything you'd like to ask us?"

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well like when i had interviews at uni i just came dressed up all cool (i was like the only person who turned up in a tie and trousers and I thought that was really weird, how you gonna turn up in jeans and beat up band shirts?) and just showed them the sick wobs i'd made
I don't think about it too much.

I just go in and try to be super cool and personable (like I always am).
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Have a hardcore debate with the interviewer. That'll do it.

you're saying this as a joke, but if you knew what the job was, you'd probably realize that's not a terrible idea.
i can't think of a single job that ts would be suited for that needs an interview

unless scooping poop requires an interview
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you can't think of a single one? wow, you being as incredibly well-acquainted with my resume and qualifications as you are, that's pretty upsetting.

should i just give up now?
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should i just give up now?

There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company Research the company

I can't say that enough.

Prepare a good answer to the question "why do you wan to work for us?"

Don't lie about your qualifications
make sure you take a relaxing dump beforehand
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1. Research the company
2. Do hair
3. Make sure I'm not progdude
4. Go to interview

i hope this routine gets you your dream job and you achieve true happiness
chill out dude

You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. They just want to know some of your experience. You want to know the daily routine of whats gotta be done. Be sure to do at least some research to know whats expected to let them know what you bring to the table that relates to the job you are interviewing for.

Most interviewers pass on A LOT of people all the time no matter how qualified they are ON PAPER because of lack of communication skills. It's the #1 skill most companies say the workforce lacks. And I'm sure it's mostly caused by people being too uptight and sweaty during their interviews. If you are freaking out the guy might think... shit is he going to be like this everyday?... And if the guy interviewing you is a total prick you might get a bad feeling about working with these guys and say thanks but I'm no longer interested and leave. Think of it as Speed Dating but with jobs.

Be 100% professional and talk to the interviewer like you already have the job. A lot of interviewers say the person they picked seemed to already know their stuff and have the job when they walked in. Have some confidence (not cocky or needy).

Good Luck!
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I've held a few jobs in my day and my wife works in HR and gives me interview tips so that I can land better positions, so here it goes:

1. Be relaxed, morning of an interview I treat it like any other day, if you get on edge you'll trip yourself up. Compartmentalize as best you can

2. don't rehearse, but most interviewers ask behaviour based questions, they want the situation, the action and the result from you. I find its best to have a few incidents loaded up in your head that can apply to a number of different behaviour based Qs

3. Research the company, know what they do, what theitr about, their vlues, principles. and if you don't know, don't b.s the answer, be open, if you didn't look up the core values, admit as much and then tell them what you did research.

4. don't b.s too much, you're liable to hang yourself with it

5. Be confident, go in like you've got the job and its yours to lose. a bit of swagger and confidence helps, but don't be cocky. good posture, professional look and professional language will set you apart
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Get sleep. Not too much sleep but not too little. If you can, go to bed early but also wake up early. Sleeping in can make put you in a daze. At least it does for me. A bit of caffeine never hurts. i.e. black tea. get a good breakfast in you and you should be set.
I've done a ton of auditions, and these normally have a certain amount of interview in them. Some have gone badly, some have gone really well. These are a few things I learnt.

Try to appear relaxed. In fact, be relaxed. Not cocky, but just be at ease. Show them that you're someone who's in control of their shit. Think about questions they ask, but don't umm and err. Take your time, and then open your mouth when you know what you want to say. Keep your answers short. For some reason you seem more intelligent if you don't say too much. If you get an opportunity to make a joke, or drop in some humour, go for it. Be courteous, be interested, be interesting. If you get a chance to show your individuality, take it. Basically, be the guy that you would hire. If they don't go for it, fuck them, it's not the place for you.
I've only had 2 serious interviews but this applies to a lot of other stressful situations. I make sure I have at least an hour to get ready and do my hair and makeup. 1) the act of putting makeup on is therapeutic in itself for me 2) if I look good I feel more confident 3) if I'm wearing something uncomfortable I have time to change it at the last minute 4) I can stroll around getting ready instead of getting stressed about being late which will result in more nervousness and sloppiness when I get there.
Practice with bananas and pickles. Zuchinni or pepper mills if you want to be prepared for anything.
wow, funny you posted this now, I got an interview tomorrow myself.
And, funnily enough, I've been interviewing people this week. I'm experiencing both sides of the playing field.

I'm just gonna get some sleep, and be calm. I feel ready....but I'm not entirely sure if I am! I don't know what the hell these people are going to ask me!