One thing i'll never understand is metal heads.

I mean, I could go on all day about this but here are just a few reasons.

  • Long, greasy, awful hair
  • They love "shredding" on their guitars... hideous!?
  • They play stupid shaped guitars like BC Rich and Flying V
  • They sit in their rooms all day playing online video games
  • They post on forums all day
  • They're very very far up their own arses
  • They seem to think that there is only one genre of music
  • They're very narrow minded
  • They're pretentious
  • They still wear leather
  • They wear really long leather coats and chains, bad combo
  • The name "metal head" annoys me in itself
  • Can't remember the last decent metal song i heard... Enter sandman??
  • They're actually really nerdy these days

Who agrees and who disagrees?

I mean seriously, I love all people. I love indie alt dudes, hipsters, hip-hopers, punkers, reggea guys, mainstreamers, lamestreamers, classicalists, folkers. I just can't stand metal heads for the above reason - I don't see what they offer?
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