I'm no tab expert but that intro bit that's repeated kinda sounds like this. Probably wrong though, not very experienced at playing by ear.
(b) means bend
I can more then likely do the song for you sometimes today if I can get the lyrics down...ok...
I believe the riff by Jordan.nakach is close... I am listening through ipad speakers and a little hard to hear ...but I believe it goes to a 3br instead of a 4b5 ..but I would determine that once I get to a computer to hear it a bit clearer... Hopefully I can get it done today sometime
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Quote by thesheep70

I know...they are mine... When I submit a tab to this site it will be taken by a numerous amount of other guitar tab sites... One site "borrows" tabs from another website...also, sometimes they "borrow" the tabs but will then cut off the name of the person who did the tab... That is why I sort of make my tabs with a distinct style to it... That way people can tell my tabs regardless of whether they included my name or not as the contributor....

So yes, this is my tab as well as you can clearly see by the name... Same as mine and the same exact tab I submitted here...
Cheers guys. Thanks a lot!
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