Hi all, first post.

I'm having a slight problem with my wiring, and I need help!

Set up:
15(ish) yr old Squier Strat (my first guitar!)
3 single coil pickups (from guitarfetish)

What I did:
I love the bridge/neck sound (tele). I thought I had a brilliant idea on how to achieve this. It would come with a sacrifice (neck/middle) but that was OK with me. My idea was; to simply switch the pickup wiring AT THE 5-WAY SWITCH of the bridge and middle pickups. I thought that this would naturally give me my neck/bridge combo in the spot where it would normally be neck/middle. But there is a problem...

When the switch is in this new neck/bridge combo position (2nd switch position (from top of guitar)), the sound is just WEAK. bridge alone sounds normal, neck alone sounds normal, together sounds weak. There is a huge difference in loudness.

- Is this a bad approach? Maybe the wiring wouldn't be that simple?
- Did I wire one of the pickups in the wrong polarity? (Not sure if this would have an effect)

That's it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like it could be a phase issue. Iss it also really thin and trebly? Try swapping the polarity of the neck pickup. I think that'll fix it without screwing with the middle+bridge setting.