Hi all,

Okay, So I posted this sort of question over at the Blackstar forums but I figured it would be in my best interests to open it up to broader range of people with varying backgrounds and experience etc...

I currently have a BS(Blackstar) Ht-20 head and have been playing that into Cubase for almost a year now. After a long thinking of whether to get another amp or a multi-effects pedal, I've decided to simply get a 12" cab to make the most of my amp. Now, my main question is, where would you guys go from here? And what would you suggest for someone in my situation?

I'm a play at home guitarist pretty much, always into the possibility of playing live eventually. I have two guitars, a Sterling Musicman AX3, and a classic series Strat (Wanted single coil guitar and humbucking guitar). As pedals, I have a Boss Ds-2 (Turbo Dist) and an Ibanez WH10v2 Wah. Yes, I'm a Chili's fan . I don't really know what the best route is to take from here. I mean, I'm definitely considering getting a Mic to record my cab but what other sorts of things should I be looking at? Any equipment that would be a good practical addition? Anything that will improve my sound? For example, I didn't realise the benefits of a compressor today so is that something I should pursue next for a pedal or something else? Anything that would be great for targeting specific genres perhaps? I was thinking I've getting a metal pedal as I'm starting to learn to play heavier stuff. Also getting into many other types such as standard blues, funk, metal, country, etc...

Pretty much any advice would be a great help, and I'd be very thankful. Interested in what people would do in my situation. I suppose I'm aiming for some sort of semi-pro practical rig for practice and live use in a wide variety of situations/genres. (Playing in orchestral Musical pits is something I'm very interested in. Anything specific for that maybe? Already have the ear plugs XD) So yeah, look forward to hearing suggestions.

Thanks in advance!