Finally got around to making my own cables today. Have been using Mogami Golds which worked great. I just didn't like how the tips were so big and each cable was longer than I needed. And now with the low profile plugs I can fit extra pedals on my board.

I picked up 20 GLS Low Profile Pancake plugs and 7 feet of Mogami 2524.
For 45 bucks shipped

After soldering my own cables I don't see how I can pay retail price for cables anymore. 10 custom length cables of my own doing for less than 2 Mogami Cables at Guitar Center. I highly recommend soldering your own cables. It's not that hard and you can learn how to do it on YouTube in a few minutes.

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Good man.

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Sweet, I've been wanting to do this for a while but only knew of George L's and Planet Waves DIY kits (both of which are stupid expensive). I'll have to look up GLS. Thanks!
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