This is for fingerstyle right hand only.

There is the classical 4 note tremelo and flemanco 5 note tremelo.

Is there a more difficult technique to learn besides tremelo?
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It's a common classical technique called picado

Um, no, that is classical guitars version of "alternate picking", whilst TS was clearly referring to tremolo.

Classical guitar tremolo is the pattern P, A, M, I whilst flamenco is P, A, M, I, M.

Both the patterns repeat continuously at a rapid pace to create the tremolo effect. P represents a pluck with the thumb, A for the ring finger, M for the middle finger and I for the index finger.

As for your question, I'm not quite sure how to answer that. I mean sure, I can play both tremolos pretty comfortably, but there's a lot of stuff I still cannot play? It's just all practice.
flemanco tremelo is PIAMI.

Also. if so many people can do this technique then why on earth aren't people writing music using the fingerstyle tremelo. Noone seems to be doing this. It is shocking how little the tremelo technique is used in fingerstyle. It does not have to be played with any particular style of music. A creative person who has the tremelo technique down should be writing songs with it. Most people i see who know this technique use it to play other peoples music.

I still don't have the technique done though.

Any thoughts on this?
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