Hey guys

I had a guitar laying around that needed some new life so I though about installing these. I've soldered other pickups in with great results so I figured that the whole "solder less" set up would be easy. Here's my problem.

My 3 way toggle is not effecting anything.

I have checked, double checked, and triple checked it and still I get no effect. The pups make noise when I tap them with a screwdriver. The volume, although it makes noise when I turn it, works, I can't tell if the tone does for there are not any strings on it yet. But my 3 way doesn't make any changes.

My control cavity is a little messy so pics probably won't help. Is there any advice you guys can give? I can try if it's really neccasary. It's driving me insane.
I'm pretty sure we'll need at least some pictures, there's no way to know what the problem could be from that.

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Is there any advice you guys can give?

If you can't find the problem, take everything apart and start from scratch. That has always worked for me, and even after the fact I never knew what the problem was. Just some step I missed and couldn't identify. It happens.
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I don't like the method of testing pickups' connections by tapping them, as it's too easy for vibrations to reach the other pickup. You end up with pickups seeming to be on all the time, when they're not.

Put some strings on and test it properly. If you have a 3-way toggle switch then I'm assuming it's some sort of rear-routed guitar, so you can mess with the wiring as much as you like without having to take the strings off. Having strings on will let you test everything properly.

Mixing the EMG solderless system with toggle switches is tough because they still don't make their own solderless toggle, and lots of toggles are made very cheaply. There's a good chance either you've bridged the gap between several contacts when soldering the switch, or the switch is worn through and is not knocking pickups in/out of the circuit as it should. So thats' the first thing I'd take a look at.
Second thing is the solderless power/connection buss. You've got to make sure you've screwed down the connections all the way. It's easy to not push everything in properly.
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Did the guitar have actives to begin with? You need a stereo jack for the EMGs. Maybe that messed up the wiring?
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