I'm looking for a really good acoustic guitar for contemporary/percussive fingerstyle. I've been playing a Fender DG-8S NAT for about a year or two and while it's a great guitar for it's price, it's not really suited to this style of playing and I'm getting ready to upgrade in the near future. I mainly listen to Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour, Jon Gomm and Mike Dawes to give you an idea of the sounds I'm looking for.

Something around $800 would be good, but I don't want to go any higher than $1000. I've been looking at the Faith Venus High Gloss which is around $800, is this any good? And is the pickup in it good? I should also mention that I live in Australia, so my choices are severely limited, and I'm not a big fan of Maton.
I like Taylors for fingerpicking.
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I like Taylors for fingerpicking.

I've heard ho hum things about Taylor. They look and sound quite nice, but I've heard the action on them are quite high, and I don't like the slim necks they have (slim as in the nut width). They look nice for fingerpicking, but don't feel they fit this style of playing that well. I could be wrong though.
Have you looked at the yamha L series or Seagull maritime or coastline? All have wider nuts and are great for fingerpicking. I have not seen any Faith guitars around my neck of the woods. You could also try Sigma (Martin knock off) they have some decent sounding guitars with wider nuts too.

Have fun looking.
i've never heard a single person claim that taylors have higher action, as their action is lower than most AND you can adjust the action on any guitar. they're good quality - probably among the best around - and when i think "contemporary acoustic guitar", i always think of taylor first. btw, many of their guitars above the 200 series are available with a 1 3/4" nut - my GC8 had that. unfortunately none of their under-$1000 guitars offer the 1 3/4" nut

do you have seagull or recording king where you are?
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Seagull. For that amount of money you'll have a hard time finding something better. And it has a 1.8 inch nut!
Sorry for the late reply. I've looked around the netz and gotta say talyors are probably a strong contender. Seagull guitars look alright, but it seems they only have one guitar that's the right shape and tonewood (I prefer a spruce top with a rosewood or similar back and sides. And I know this may sound silly, but I hate Seagull headstocks, they look silly to me.)
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And I know this may sound silly, but I hate Seagull headstocks, they look silly to me.

Nothing silly about it. You either like something or you don't. I happen to like the look.

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Have you tried Cole Clarke? Good bang for buck considering you are in Australia. Cheers
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Have you tried Cole Clarke? Good bang for buck considering you are in Australia. Cheers

A Cole Clarke would be pretty damn good, but their guitars are a little out of my price range for now unfortunately.
Yamaha FG720S. Check the reviews. I play mine with Ernie Ball Earthwood silk and steels and a tusq saddle and will put it up against any $5000 guitar anywhere.
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Take a look at the Baby Taylor, I think it's a pretty fantastic guitar for it's size.

I have to recommend Breedlove guitars though, have a look at their range.
Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I would have thought tapping is more about having a low action and a compressor pedal than it is about the particular guitar.

Just thinking aloud here, but I wonder whether a Baggs M80 pickup would work better than a piezo. I use an M1 active, but from what I have read the M80 is more sensitive to body sounds. They pick up both string and body vibration, so in a sense you get the best of both worlds. I've found for slide that a soundhole pickup works very well, because it picks up all kinds of interesting harmonics that you don't normally hear; it could be the same with tapping.
Man, a Seagull is exactly the guitar for your playing style. Just close your eyes or put a paper bag over the headstock.

A Taylor or Breedlove will be fine but the Seagull is The one for Jon Gomm stuff.
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