I share with you my last song that I recorded.

I use for this record this configuration:

Signal chain:
Guitar: Yamaha RGX 420 DZ - Behringer V-AMPIRE LX1200H - Steinberg UR22
Bass: Warwick Corvette $$ 5 - Steinberg UR22
Drums: Ezdrummer - drumkit from hell

I hope you like it and please if you observe something wrong in eq, compressor, etc, say to me I wanna improve my homerecords!


Thanks and greetings
Big fan of the rhythms and some of the odd timings The solo reminds me a lot of how I used to solo before I stopped doing lead, except of course you're waaaaay better at it. The layering sounds great, the drums are heavy as ****, though a tad repetitive at times.

I don't really agree with the outro being in there.....it sounded more like a Bridge or Interlude to me. The part at about 4:00 feels like where it should've ended to me. Just a big fat power chord that hangs and fades as it starts to feed back.

Great song though. Do you have this in a strictly audio format?

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Review & Critique would be much appreciated
Intro riff sounded good enough but took a while to really grow on me. I really like the riff after about 40sec and that got me headbanging a bit. The riffs are pretty solid and I feel like the solo was pretty good. But considering how heavy the riffs are the solo is a little lacking as the riffs directly after it sound way better than that first solo. Just something to keep in mind, maybe make the first solo a bit more showboaty, more tremolo picking perhaps? The second one is more melodic and I rlly like how it assigns a dreary atmosphere to the song. The lick at 3:40 is a bit generic for that solo, maybe spice that up a bit. I actually like the outro, sounds like it would lead well into another song. Nice job on this dude, the quality is pretty outstanding. Def upload more stuff.