Hey everyone, I've been playing a Takamine Jasmine S-35 for about a year now and figured it was time to upgrade. I've decided I'll be getting a Epiphone Masterbilt with the e-Sonic2 preamp here in the next few months.

Any suggestions on a good quality acoustic amp with a couple channels and a mic input? I'll be using it for mostly bedroom use. I would like to keep it around $300-$400, but I am open to all suggestions. I'm looking for a nice clean tone but I like having the versatility of the e-Sonic2 to play with.
The Carvin AG-100D is one of the best. About $399 plus shipping


It's got a 12"woofer inside a closed-back ported cabinet, with a 1" tweeter for the highs.
It's got three channels: "The 3 input channels are individually designed: one for guitar, one for bass, second guitar or other electric instrument, and one for mic, keyboards or other devices. Each channel has a separate volume and EQ (3-band active on Channel 1; 2-band active on Channel 2 & 3), while Channel 1 also features a MID sweep control. A 5 band master graphic EQ allows you to further tailor your sound." The mike channel has both 1/4" and balanced XLR inputs, and handles line level signals from keyboards, drum machine, balanced microphone, etc., and provides phantom power for condensor mikes. FX loop, master volume control (bump the volume when the coffee shop gets noisy without changing the balance of the mikes/instruments.

You can actually play bass and guitar in the two separate channels without having the bass degrade the guitar signal. 100W of power, built-in FX and more. It doesn't have to be green <G> -- they have different tolex colors available, but you'll have to wait a bit longer to get it.

Worth noting that the AG100D has a 'tophat' for a speaker stand, and you can get an extension speaker for it (same specs) that will also mount on a stand.
Thanks man it's looking like a great amp from what I've read so far..somehow I have never heard of these..is there anywhere I can try one out?