Hi all,

I was bought a lovely modern record player stereo the other day but the sound isn't great and it doesn't have any EQ settings on it.

I'm plugging in some fatter logitech speakers into the headphone jack which helps but it still needs EQ-ing.

I guess I'm looking for an outboard EQ, but I'd like something kinda small and fairly inexpensive.

I did try using an acoustic guitar preamp pedal (in between the speakers and record player) which did help the sound actually, but then the sound only came out of one speaker.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Cheers everyone
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Like for vinyl? And you're using logitech speakers? You gotta use real speakers man, I have towers that have 1 12 inch low range, a 8 inch mid range, and 4 inch high range with tweeters in it and it sound epic with no eq...when it worked.

Plus vinyl doesn't sound that good.
Cheers dude, I echo your point about investing in real speakers - its something on my list. I'd love the set up you've got. I enjoy decent audio and not crappy mp3. But honestly the logitechs really aren't bad in my little flat.

But if its actually the speakers that would make the bigger difference then thanks, I'll take a look at that instead.
Hang on..

Record player + logitech speakers?

Isn't that like buying a really nice coffee table and putting a 99p sheet over it?
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