Hello everyone,

I have been playing six string for about six years now and always wondered what playing the bass would be like but shied away from it because of the concern that bass would be boring. Everyone wants to play the hot licks like Kirk hammet or can halen. But guitar center had a schecter bass on sale that I couldn't pass up... so I didn't.

Omg, im loving it. I have a new respect for bass player. Famous players like Geezer Butler make my head spin with some the things he does.

I don't see myself going back to regular guitar anytime soon, lol.

Can you all recommend some great songs to get working on please. I have the basics like Metallica and some ozzy, but outside of that I'm not sure.

The Who - John Enwistle (A really great bass players, does his own thing)
Free - Andy Fraser (Again really complex playing)
Black Sabbath - Geezer Butler
Led Zeppelin - John Paul Jones (A really big part of Zep's sound)
Cool, thanks for the responses. I will check out all that was mentioned. Cheers!
When you get bored with that other stuff, which is going to take some time to get through Entwistle (Form) and Harris (Speed), check out the Tab on some Stone Temple Pilots.

I was shocked to see the efforts made at breaking from the Blues Progressions. Juicy stuff.
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Morely A/B
Iron Maiden (The Trooper is a really good bass line)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Primus (If your up for a challenge)
Also check out Victor Wooten
Stick on a click and play an open E for 30 mins till you've got it ahead, behind and on the beat for 30 mins at about 80bpm. Then ill let you move onto playing an F.
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