Hey there everybody,
I have a problem with my guitar and I hope someone here can help me.
I have a Squier Stratocaster (I guess it's like the original one but a little cheaper), 22 bounds and nothing else special (pick-ups don't matter). She sounds amazing but on the 15th on every fret it kinda vibrates weird. I think that the strings are so low that they touch the bounds below, but I don't know that much about guitars. I guess she's not very diffrent from others Strats.

So guys help me, what can I do?
(And yes, my Strat is female )
(Oh and by the way I'm non native english, so I apologie for my english)
I'd try a neck adjustment if you don't know what to do it may be an idea to take it in to get done or YouTube it.

There should be lots of info out there on how to set it up. If you run into trouble or want some more advice go to strat-talk.com in the squire forums.
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I agree with the above. Sounds like maybe you have a bit too much relief in the neck. Tighten the truss rod and adjust bridge height accordingly. Fender's website has all of the resources you need as far as measurements go.
Well thanks so far, I'll give it a try.
But I think my neck is well adjusted, the problem should be somewhere at the bridge I guess