Hello all! At the advice of many of you helpful people here I recently became the owner of a Mesa Mark IV. Amazing amp and all I could ever want! I WILL make a NAD I swear!!

However, before I can do that I will need to obtain new tubes I believe. The amp recently started making a sound that is like a combination of white noise and hum. Gets louder with more gain and as the amp goes louder. Definitely the amp, unaffected by cable change, guitar change, guitar volume etc. I think this is the sound of a tube going?

I tried the method of pulling one tube at a time out, and it went away when I took out the V1 and V2 tubes, however the amp also didn't make any noise from anything else (i.e. guitar) when I did that. I didn't try the power tubes yet, but could it also be those? What can I do to safely find out myself? (short on funds, ideally wouldn't want to take it in but will if it sounds like I have to)

If I need new tubes, i read I need to buy tubes biased to the universal mesa standard or whatever so I need recommendations of a good vendor and how to go about doing this. The tube sites I went on didn't seem to have an option for this.

If you can help thank you very much!! I need to get this solved asap, big gig next weekend. (note: I bought a single 12ax7 groovetube [was the only option at local store] and put it in V1 when I thought it was V1, but it didn't make a difference)
Find a set of JJ tubes for your model of amp. If you tell the vendor it is for a fixed bias Mesa they should have a set that will match well.

These guys are pretty good.
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