I'm pretty sure it can be done....I'm just unsure which is the proper setup to do so. Judging by what I could dig up, I think I need to flip the dip switch on one of the (1-4) inputs and plug it there. Does that seem right? I don't wanna mess up anything !

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"I'm pretty sure it can be done..."
Well I'm pretty sure you can't without a funny cable.

You could find yourself a cable that sent the negative current to the ring and the positive one to the ring, but the power supply doesn't output more than 250mA per output.

So you'd have to make yourself a cable with 2 plugs at one end, wired in parallel and going to a single plug with the tip and ring wired in the opposite way as the other two.
Though I'm not sure about the last part, I can't find the specific output pinout of the different power supply channels, so find it out and wire both ends the same way if the B channel or whatever that's called outputs the positive current on the center pin and wire them the opposite way if the positive current is on the ring.
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