Hey guys just wondering on your opinions. I have a Power-all daisy chain set up I got for $25 a few months back and its working pretty well with my pedal board. I have an opportunity to get a brand new pedal power 2 for $150 but not sure if its worth it. I want it simply becuase I've been bitten by the gear bug but does it really affect the sound and/or connections in a noticeable way? What are some of your personal experiences and views on using both units and how do they compare? Thanks.
I have 8 pedals now..Might eventually get up to around 10 by the way.
are you getting any excess noise or are any of your pedals sounding bad?
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only when I turn my DS-1 on. Other than that there is a light hiss when my volume is pretty high..but that is there even if the cable isn't plugged in the amp.

On a somewhat related question...Do people normally attach a power bar to the bottom of their pedal board too just incase a power box isn't enough and they need to add another power source of some kind?
If what you're doing now works, why fix it? Although, if you're sportin' 8 pedals at once, a power source upgrade is more than within reason. Basically its your call.
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