Looking for my 1980 Model Gold Sunburst Gibson S-1

It was stolen in 1995 by a family member and pawned at Doc Holidays Pawn Shop in Oklahoma City.

It was recovered at the pawn shop but mistakenly not put on "Police Hold" shelf until case was settled; I went back with the paperwork to pick it up with my amp and it was gone; sold to a guy from Los Angeles. Needless to say, I was mad and heart broken.

Defining characteristics...

1: There us a bullet hole (yes, a bullet hole) in the back lower hip area. I shot it while I was drunk in 1984 with a .367 magnum. I had it repaired but asked that the hole be left in it.

2: Large "buckle rash" on back from the rivets on my Levi's

3: Worn fret board

4: 3 numbers carved into the back of the base of the neck stock below the neck plate (I won't reveal those numbers and will only confirm if a serious person contacts me)

5: Hard Shell Case with stickers from many US states I toured

I will buy her back!
Sorry to hear that I hope you get it back.
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um.... dude sorry but that was like 20 years ago what makes you think that guitar will surface now? not likely to have much value now and probably parted out. good luck though