I'm pretty unfamiliar to the whole lyric thing, but I'm going to give it a shot on here. Working on a new hardcore project, so I figured I'd post these up. Constructive criticism would be very nice

I know what you think
Degenerate, worthless scum
Never held in high regard for anyone
A home-wrecker, dead-beat father,
or strung-out with no tomorrow
All of this you know from just one glance

But there's so much more than you can see,
so much more in this book to read
If I've heard once, one thousand times
Made my choice to ruin my life and destroy my body

These colors I bear where never meant for you
And at least I can say I've never judged a man by the color of his skin

So tell me what makes you better than me?
Is it the blood and ink it took to make these sleeves?
So tell me how are you different from me?
If you cut us open, wouldn't we both bleed?

All of my heroes are works of art
and I'll follow with pride
Your paradigm "out-dated trend"
but this is my life to live in this skin

Don't try to judge me by the colors on my sleeve,
when you don't even know a thing about me
This is pretty good for being "unfamiliar with the whole lyric thing." This is very creative and flows really well. The only thing I really don't care for, is the lines starting with "and." The more I read in this forum, the more it looks professional to not start lines with and or but. Just an opinion though
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