I am sorry if this is the wrong section, I am not often on UG and I can't seem to get used to the many different sections.

I was always fascinated by vibrato systems, their usage and possibilities they offer.

I am not very well educated on them, though. I only know there are some vintage ones like on many Fenders, Bigsbies and Floyd Rose style produced by many other brands.

My question here is - what is the STRONGEST, most durable and indestructible vibrato system there is?

It doesn't need to keep the strings in tune perfectly, but I am searching for something that I can bend in both directions to infinity and beyond.

Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
Well, I haven't yet used anything that really stacks up to the original Edge in my RG520 so far. That thing doesn't give a single ****. Pull it off of the posts, stretch the strings out to force it back onto the posts, and still stays in perfect tune.

... Yes I've accidentally done that before. It was just like "**** you play me".
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Kahlers probably. I mean, if they can survive Kerry King they can probably survive anything haha.
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Floyd Rose now has a custom shop. So you could have them build you a bridge mixed and matched from the sturdiest parts with a set of loose springs that can be easily pulled the full range of the bridge.
you can buy a titanium Floyd rose but it costs big money. won't break though. just for the record any decent one should work fine and you don't need to abuse them to make them work.