To Sound Flip (telepathy nickname) you start by breaking a word into syllables in your conscious mind and then match one syllable of word with one beat of a sound.
You then push the word syllable out of your conscious mind into the beat of a sound; one syllable of word per one beat of sound. This matching of word syllables with sound beats is called synchronization. If the push of the word syllable into the beat of music is not synchronized properly the word transmitted will not be received clear with the sound used. With just a little more concentration focused on the word-syllable synchronization with the sound beat these discrepancies or fuzziness of Sound Telepathy will clear up. The word synchronization used in this book refers to the timing of the attachment of the word syllable to the beat of sound. Musical instruments maybe used to Sound FLIP with. These instructions taken from the book "FLIP TELEPATHY"
found on amazon's Kindle Section. FLIP your MUSIC!