Got a fender jazz bass that has been sitting in teh sellers' basement for a very long time.
For $50...no way I was saying no.

Got some tuner/contact cleaner to clean up the pots and both volume seem fine, but the tone pot is being problematic. A tad stiff and it cuts out (all the sound) if not adjusted 'just so'.
Not that these are 'sealed' pots but I'm used to non-guitar ones that are more accessible to get the cleaner and air in there.

Any advice on how best to clean the pots? Is replacing them, or at least the tone pot, just a better solution?

And how do the knobs come off? I don't want to break anything. I don't see a set screw but they're on there tight.

And one of the tuners on the head is rattling - the big flat part is loose in the shaft and it is 'sympathetic' with about half the notes. Annoying as all hell. I see all parts sells a set of 4 for $122...but there has to be a cheaper fix.
To clean a pot, spray some lubricant into it at the bottom of the shaft and twist the knob around a bit (said the nun to the vicar.) Don't use WD40, google to find the best product.

As for the machine head, there should be a small piece of metal that pushes against the tuner. If it doesn't have one then make one, if it does have one then the gear probably needs screwing in.
The rattle is the flat plate you grab to tune, NOT the gears or mount to the head. The flat plate looks to be a press fit into the shaft...

It's a 95 MIM if that helps.
Quote by prof_fate
The rattle is the flat plate you grab to tune, NOT the gears or mount to the head. The flat plate looks to be a press fit into the shaft...

You misunderstand. See:

There should be a metal plate underneath the gear which keeps the tuning head in place. If this is missing, damaged or the gear is not screw down properly, the tuning head will rattle.

I put a piece of tape on it and the rattle went away so I'm 110% positive this is the location/issue.
If the pot is so bad it cuts out you might as well replace it. Same for the tuner. These parts aren’t expensive enough to waste a lot of time ****ing with, especially given the $50 price tag for the bass.
schaller tuners....google the rattle. Not too uncommon. Fix is replace tuners although some super glue dribbled in there seems to be a solution.

Having several other bass' and guitars, none fenders, I'm VERY unimpressed with what fenders are built with.... Cheap, thin, bent metal. Cast parts? Nope, not really. Not like my dean bass, yamaha bass. And no sealed tuners like on ALL my other guitars.
Same bridge as my $179 (new, retail) ibanez...I'd expect more on a $599 instrument.

But if my son likes it...and for the price..fine. Will I be putting fender instruments first on my list for the future? Prolly not. I do like their amps though.

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They must be some craptastic aftermarket things then, that is

physically impossible on a Fender tuner.
A $50 MIM jazz sounds like the perfect bass to customize with aftermarket parts anyways.